Croc trapeze owners please help!


Mar 15, 2010
Hi everyone,
I am thinking of buying a secondhand croc trapeze. Just to make sure it is authentic, I have searched pictures of this bag and I found that there are two different inside design of this bag. One type has the logo"celine paris" on the slide pocket inside the bag, and the other version has the logo near the zippers. Did the croc trapeze come in both designs?
The used bag I'm thinking of buying has the inside design were the logo is on the slide pocket.

Please help:smile:
Thank you!


The Gimme-Queen
Nov 29, 2010
DCA via the DMV via NGA
Have the seller send you pics and put them up in the Authentication thread. The ladies and gents in there are very good and will be happy to help you.

Good luck!