Croc Talk! What's Your Fav Croc Bag?

  1. My favorite right now is Nancy Gonzalez, I think they are fresh and reasonably priced. What do you fashion divas think?
  2. Seeing a lot of different croc bags I still stand by Hermes croc, if I'm going to invest in a croc piece, it'll be Hermes :smile:
  3. I like the Nancy Gonzella croco bags ,,,& diffenetly hermes Also Devi Kroelll croco hobo is Wawooo
  4. I know I sound like a broken record but my favorite croc bag is JPG Kelly clutch:heart:

    Croc JPG Kelly.jpg
  5. vintage VASSAR croc bags! They are just beautiful and super sturdy!
  6. I tooootally agree. For crocodile or alligator, I prefer vintage over modern styles.
  7. Hermes and Nancey Gonzalez, but I'm afraid all I can do is dream about them. I have some beautiful bags, but none of them are croc, just too pricey for me.
  8. I am not familiar with NG. I think the Hermes is stunning, have seen a few other brands but wasn't overly enthused with them.
  9. I'd have to say Jimmy Choo green croc Mahala
  10. Vintage for me....Bellestone & Lucille de Paris are just awesome and stand the test of time. I use mine often and they always get A LOT of attention.
  11. McQueen Novak! Just the perfect bag for croc
  12. I am w/H Addict == the Hermes JPG Kelly in croc is a dream of mine.
  13. Bottega has some very lovely croc bags
  14. chanel croc biarritz :drool:
  15. I am loving this one right now...
    This brand is a Lindsay Lohan fave (she has a black croc clutch that is super hot) though I'm no fan of hers, lol! :p Its also a fave of Angelina Jolie...The bags are super hot and such a nice price point for such quality.