Croc-stamped YSL Charlotte

  1. I was at Lane Crawford today and fell in love with the 3" croc stamped Charlottes on sale! Unfortunately, the one I tried was slightly too large and I didn't buy - experience has taught me not to buy shoes that are large. Now I'm praying that the other Lane Crawford stores have it in my size. I adore the wood heel, and they would be perfect for work or for shopping, they're so versatile. Also I don't have to worry about the heel getting stuck in the drain (I ruined a pair of Giorgio Armanis because of that, now I'm scared to wear my Guccis to work), and since my shoe collection is mainly stilettos, they would add some variety.

    1 question though, for anyone who has them, are they comfy for long periods of walking? I can see myself wearing them out a lot. I'm considering either the 3" or 4"+ version, so I'd love to hear from owners of both heights. I like the look of the 4" heel better, if I were to buy it would be my first pair of heels above 3", which I'm used to, and a chunkier heel would be a good starting point too. Sorry for the long post, TIA!
  2. Also I noticed the croc stamped version is more expensive than the plain leather version. Somehow the croc stamped leather feels stiffer than usual shoes, considering it's not patent leather (they didn't have the plain leather version there, so I didn't get to try)?