Croc Speedy 30 vs. leather Birkin?


I would rather have a....

  1. Crocodile Speedy 30

  2. non-Croc Hermes Birkin

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  1. Here's a poll ? for everyone. Would you rather have a croc speedy 30 or leather non-croc Birkin? The price of the speedy is around 12K and this is also the same price as a non-croc birkin from authentic e-bay sellers.
  2. I'd get a Birkin.
  3. I would be afraid of damaging the crock around the zipper when you open the speedy, they have a tendency to crease. The Speeedy would be amazingly gorgeous though, so it's a toss up :shrugs: no help I know, but it's a toss up.
  4. I'd get a Birkin too..for that kind of money, I think the bag needs a less common shape. That's just me though.
  5. Birkin! : )
  6. You don't have to ask me twice, a birkin of course hands down!!!
  7. B-i-r-k-i-n !!!!!!!
  8. I would love love love a croc speedy but the maintenance and the worrying about damage, etc. so I would have to go with the birkin for you, even though I think the "birkin gene" missed me because I dont have the intention of EVER owning one haha:smile:
  9. BBBBBirkin.....:yes::yes::yes::heart:
  10. Birkin - no contest!
  11. OK, I'm going with the croc speedy for two reasons...
    you are afterall, an LV lover by name:p
    and two, and this is with purely selfish intent, I don't want to lose another girl to Birkin land......:crybaby:
  12. birkin
  13. That's a tough choice. I've seen pics of the croc Speedy, & it's such a gorgeous bag. However, I would probably get the Birkin. I will eventually get one myself. Right now, I'm getting the LV's that I feel I just have to own. I want to start seriously looking at Hermes bags later on in the year. The Birkin will last you a lifetime & never go out of style. Get it & please post pics so we can drool.
  14. birkin.
  15. Birkin. I love that shape.