Croc SOS

  1. Attention all exotic experts, please help an avid fan! Does anyone know the colors of these two lovelies?

    The first is from the Spring'08 RTW line. And the second is currently a window display at the mothership (thanks May!).


    P.S. My apologies for the attachments quality. I seem to have absolute horrid luck when it comes to graphics.:shrugs:
    SP'08 Blue croc Longue.jpg 010108 Green Croc Kelly Paris display.jpg
  2. This looks SO good!


    It looks like Ficelle Croc. But gina did post to say that Ficelle Croc in not available.
  3. Might the first one be indigo?
  4. Wow that beauty in the mother ship is TDF!!!!

    Sorry, I am no help with the color
  5. My croc. shoulder Birkin is in Ficelle. The Kelly color looks very close to mine (lightening could effect the color quite a bit..I think the Kelly is under orangish-lightenting..). So, I think the Kelly might be Ficelle as well:flowers:.
  6. The kelly in the window is actually more greenish grey IRL, so it's probably not ficelle. When I saw it I thought it might be vert olive, though it looked slightly paler under those halogen lights.

    [edit] You can see the kelly and matching travel case at the bottom of this pic.

  7. It would be so good, if someone can actually ask the store and find out. :flowers:Pretty please ...:tender:
  8. the clutch is belu indigo matte the kelly looks like celadon on my screen ( a very old color not abvailale at the moment) BUT that depends if it was a display bag and if the color on my screen is the color of the bag in real life kwim
  9. Vert olive, celadon... Does anyone speak French? I'm w/ Mrs. Sparkles - Can someone please call the boutique tomorrow and ask? Pretty please.
  10. I too was perplexed at the color and couldn't connect it with anything I've read on the forum. I will ask tomorrow and get back to you ladies. :heart:
  11. And is blue indigo matte still being offered? Does anyone know?
  12. how beautiful...both of them!!!!
  13. In some of the pictures posted of the bags on display at 24 Fbg Paris, I noticed that some of the kellys do not have the double belt hook hw and the HACs have the round turnkey instead of the square version? Are these "vintage" bags i.e part of Hermes' (not for sale) collection and 'recycled' for window display whenever appropriate, or are these the proposed models/hardware going forward?
  14. I have seen indigo blue in matte croc IRL but that was a while ago. Have not seen it in the last 2 years. May be possible to SO it though...
  15. anyone know the color name of the pink clutches? sorry to hijack but i'm so curious!