Croc SOs

  1. After it's confirmed, what's the expected/normal wait time? Especially if it's your first SO? Or does that not matter? I'm just curious as I've heard various stories so far (2 months to 3yrs). TIA!
  2. Oh, HL, I don't croc order won't go through until my colour is offered hoo! My togo Birkin order was confirmed a few weeks back, and is expected by the end of the year, if that helps?
  3. You're too kind. I just gave up & switched my color. *fingers crossed*
  4. I have the understanding that SOs placed for that season won't be delivered till the following season. For example, SOs placed to dovetail to the AW2007, will be produced/delivered only in SS2008. Store orders done at the Feb podium will start to appear in time for AW2007 and beyond. Apparently the only time a SO will be fast i.e. 2 months time, is when there is a coincidental piece already made in Paris.
  5. they're sometimes faster with the more unusual combination, too, I've noticed. Say, if you ordered a fuschia Himalaya, you might get it faster than a gold togo Birkin - LOL!
  6. Unhelpful, but... I hope one day to SO a bag!!
  7. i made my croc SO in paris, and it maybe come 6 months later
  8. my store place a SO on 2 croc birkin 20months ago and still not received them...
    last time they ordered matte croc birkin...took 4 yrs to arrive
  9. Just have the money ready!!!:noworry:
  10. 1 year wait in Toronto store in Canada, could be sooner depending if they get it in your desired color.
  11. It is actually the same wait as for non-exotic skins.
  12. Anytime from tomorrow to four years seems to the wait for croc bags.
  13. I know... thank goodness I'm finally done editing my wardrobe!:smile: