croc sophia or michael kors bag?

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  1. I ordered a michael kors hamilton east west woven satchel from ebags (on sale for $299 down from $488) last night but I've been thinking about the croc sophia from the on line sale. should I order sophia and return the hamilton bag or just keep the hamilton bag? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. pics please ...
  3. What color is the MK? I have seen the woven MK in luggage IRL and it is TDF! There has been a problem mentioned that the leather on the woven pieces begins to fray easily. I would take a look at it when you get it and if that is not a problem, I would definitely keep the MK. Just my opinion. I have 3 E/W MK Hamiltons in the Saffiano leather and LOVE them.
  4. I ordered the mocha color. I didn't realize that there was a problem with fraying. I probably won't keep it then. maybe I'll look at the hamilton bag in a different leather. thanks for letting me know about this. I'm new to michael kors but I've been wanting a hamilton bag for along time.
  5. Sophia all the way. I know I'm in the minority right now as more and more people are getting into MK. But I have two MK bags, one is a Hamilton and I HATE them. They feel so cheap and the quality just doesn't compare to Coach. Also, most of their styles are too obviously inspired by premier designers so I feel like I'm carrying an imitation. At least the Sophia is a Coach original. And I LOVE croc! :smile:
  6. Agreed
  7. Sophia! I have bronze and dijon the way right now, I can only pick one but I can post pics of both when they come if you want!
  8. So the croc Sophia on the FOS is bronze ? I have it sitting in my cart but couldn't figure out the true color :P
  9. I think so, but I only figured that out by looking on ebay where there are a few. I ordered one last sale because the price was so good and I wanted a croc, but then today I was able to score dijon which I was wanting since they first added these at $300. If you are on the fence I would order it- it doesn't seem to happen often that Coach is offering stuff at actual outlet price. Plus they dropped the price of these by $100 in just a month or so!
  10. Sophia all the way that is, if, it's roomy enough for you
  11. I have the woven N/S Hamilton in Mocha and absolutely love it. It's nice thick, soft leather and it's absoutely stunning! I have a few large Sophias, which I love, but I wouldn't trade my Hamiltons for a Sophia.

    I haven't had any issues with the woven leather either.
    Let us know what you decide.

  12. Yes, OP can you post pics?
  13. Bronze is here and she is beautiful, did you end up deciding OP? By the way, the hardware is brushed nickel or some other type of antiqued hardware and the lining is magenta!

  14. Gorgeous!
  15. I love Sophia but my current HG is MK Bedford bowling ball bag in cognac die for.