CROC SO! Please, help me out!

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  1. I had an opportunity a while back to place so for a croc Birkin and was shown a leather book with colors for the year. I was also told that colors like Rouge Vif, Vert Fonce, Blue Jean or Royal Blue either were not made for this year or not made at all anymore. Just yesterday I came across Nyfashionexpert couple of croc bags and not only she had them in colors I want, but with "K" stamp.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on? I mean are those colors only available for VIP clients or they get sent to special stores only.... I mean a reseller has like 3 bags in such colors for one year.

    I am speechless..:confused1:
  2. I was wondering also. :confused1: There are rouge vif croc in K blindstamp that my friend just got.
  3. I really would like to know, I was even thinking of calling the flagship store in Paris.
  4. Hmm, well maybe I can help. A friend of mine is about to receive her Rouge VIF as well but she placed her order literally 3 years ago! It's porosus croc and well worth the wait if you ask me.
  5. ok please everyone and also you my dear birkin101 do not take any of what i am going to say the wrong way will you?
    the thing with H croc and certain colors is basically this
    the lighter the color the more flawless skins it requiers thus the number of colored bags is smaller than let us say black or cocoa etc. these bags are either ordered since years back or are offered to good clients. then there are even more rare colors again to seperate the have mores from the merely haves. it is business tactic the company has to offer its best clients things earlier or exclusively in order to keep them. and h is not alone each and every upscale company does similar things if we like it or not and still h manages that we feel thankful if we can get any croc (no matter what color) from them i say mission accomplished customer addicted

    again please hope i rubbed noone the wrong way :flowers:
  6. ^^^Not at all... thanks for enlightening me. I approach the croc world with trepidation.

    The practical question is: so are only VIP customers offered "colored" croc bags *even* when it's SO?
  7. no not exclusively it boils down to your relationship with your sa and sometimes h sends out colored croc to boutiques just because they want to. if your sa thinks that you might be the cadidate well you´ll get lucky.and of course if new colors are introduced and skins are available in it you can SO or even PO it. but overall one can say the lighter colored the croc is the harder it is to get and if it is not a current color(aka skins in stock) then it depends if paris (or your sa ) thinks it is worth it to order it as the wait might take years (if you are not top client)kwim?
  8. Thank you liliach. Luckily I'm not fond of light color croc myself. But I will have to hunt down the rouge vif. ;):heart:
  9. A couple of weeks ago, I was told by my store manager that Paris limits croc (and other exotic) colours to certain geographical markets only. A VVIP had wanted a certain croc colour but the store told her that the colour was not available, so when the VVIP got that exact croc colour overseas, she was terribly annoyed at the store. It was only then that the store found out that different products that are available in different markets. This is a strategy to maintain some exclusivity in different markets. It is quite possible that your store was not offered those colours by Paris. So, you see... even stores have to be "offered" exotics, not just the customers.
  10. ^^ Thanks lilach! :flowers:

    Roxanne, how do croc SOs work if you are directly dealing Paris?
  11. No idea. Not that privileged! Mr Lau should know... :graucho:
  12. Roxane, Thank you for info. I will try to ask my boutique also since I never try to SO in rouge vif croc yet. ;):flowers:
  13. I LOVE the light colors in croc! They are so beautiful IRL! Colors that appear darker in clemence or togo leather appear lighter in croc (IMO). For example, blue brighton, blue jean and violet are so much nicer in croc, same with rouge vif ;)

    Birkin 101 - I have seen vert fonce and rouge vif - the colors you mentioned in croc this year. They were not SO items, just bags that Paris sent to my boutique for sale.