croc skin gaucho!

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  1. its posted on the dior website!! looks so nicee :yes:
  2. I have to check their website. :smile: Did you see how much it cost? Is it the tote or shoulder gaucho?? :blink:
  3. just the shoulder not the tote. they have it in brown as well. the france website didnt post the price yet -- thats where i go to check the price.
  4. Oh my, I really really want this purple croc skin gaucho. Or is it python? Can't tell. Wonder how much it is gonna cost. I heard from a sales rep at Dior that it would be in the $3-5K range. yikes!
  5. Looks a bit "much" - gaucho is pretty ornamented as it is. Add croc skin to the mix and it's a little overloaded, IMO.
  6. yes maybe too much!!!!
    the colour is cool,though;)
  7. :yes:
  8. I love it!
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