Croc purse dillema...

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  1. I have in my hands right now a genuine croc purse, and I don't know how to hold it, I mean with what clothes and in what occasion...

    It is black, small (like a big clutch) and has a gold chain to hang from the shoulder.

    My question is how to style it, and should I keep the chain, hanging from the shoulder or hold it like a clutch?


    I'll post some pics soon.
  2. Can't wait to see the pictures. IMO croc goes with anything as long as the style is right. But remember to be careful with it. =)
  3. [​IMG]

    Click for bigger image.
    Here are the pics. So what do you think?
  4. It is a cute purse, the chain looks more silver colored.
  5. It is gold, but very light colored, like whitegold. How would you wear this bag???
  6. Ok, I have nil style-sense, but I just picture this classic bag as more of a clutch...keep the chain (you can just tuck it in, right?) and wear it with a crisp button down shirt, dark jeans and killer black heels....But I don't know why for some reason I imagine it against white or grey best....
  7. We are thinking the same I think... I was picturing an off white or creme suit. Or a crisp creme dress.
  8. I think it would also work with jeans and nice black heels or boots. Then a nice white shirt or a black v-neck sweater. (Or feel free to add color, I just love black, LOL) Cute purse!
  9. in my honest opinion, id say either shorten the chain or get rid of it. i dunno i feel like the long chain on the clutch is an 80's look that unless youre SUPER chic, will end up looking like an 80s look lol.
  10. I second ditching the chains. Then wear it with anything but brown (not a fan of the brown-black thing) cause it can carry it! I'm a clutch gal myself, and when you open up your mind, anything works with it!
  11. Thank you all for your advice, I don't like the chain either... I have a baby face, and even when I try hard, the "chic" result is for laughs...:s I have to wait at least another decade to be able to hold a purse with chain...

    If it isn't too much trouble, can you post a pic or two, of a style that you 'd recommend..?

    Thanks everyone!!!