croc price difference question

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  1. we are just discussing this on another forum.
    i always thought and was informed that glazed croc is more expensive to make than matte therefore the glazed ones are more costy. now some girls telling me it is vice versa. matte more expensive than shiny. what is true? i am lost confused and do not know whome to believe my sa or the very nice and good informed girls on tfs :rant: :flowers:
    i simply do not want to believe my sa is that uninformed or even worse lied to me
  2. i'm sure the girls are very nice on tfs but i don't think that your SA would lie to you either. does it really matter which is more expensive? rather which you'd personally like more? sorry, just trying to help.
  3. I wish I could help but croc bags are so far out my league right now that I haven't paid attention to the pricing...
  4. i will get whatever will make my heart skip a beat, regardless of whether one is more expensive than the other.
  5. I was told by my SA that matte is more expensive than shiny croc...:flowers:
  6. Glazed croc is more expensive than matte croc because there is an extra procedure to glaze the croc.
  7. this one's a toughy, but if it's any help i noticed that glazed croc belts cost more than the matte ones
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