Croc Plume...

  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wow, good price!!!!!!!!!!!

    If i don't have my white plume, i will def get this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I swear, if I had 7 grand laying around I'd snap that baby up in a hot minute! It's so......delicious.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Lovely! It's actually made of alligator, though.
  5. I think if I lived in a city like New York or Chicago I might love to have a bag like this one....somewhere I'd use it a lot. I don't know much about animal skins but I would think it would be somewhat fragile? alligator skin less expensive than croc? I'm just so curious.....
  6. I really like the plume style, that is a gorgy bag!!
  7. GREAT price!!
  8. Looks nice~

    So what's the difference between croc leather and alligator?
    Does Hermes use both leathers?
  9. Wow, that is so gorgeous! :biggrin: yum!
  10. Love that Plume...have been looking at it for months actually, but wish it were larger.
  11. I *heart* plumes!! The croc one is exquisite!!
  12. you think it's a 28? or smaller......

    Twigz....I love Plumes too and I think this one's really chic.
  13. Shopmom...I think it's a 28cm. Probably beautiful for going out in the evening. I think the measurements are listed so it can be compared with a metric ruler possibly. That Plume is gorgeous!!
  14. Joanna, Hermes uses the following: crocodilus porosus, denoted by an inverted v; crocodilus niloticus, denoted by ..; and alligator denoted by a square. Just so you know, they also use 2 types of lizard, niloticus (-) and salvadoriensis (=), however, I may have gotten those 2 mixed up.