Croc Paddy.- Does anyone have one?

  1. Hi, has anyone taken the plunge and bought one of these
    gorgeous bags? I'm interested to know how many are available and what the quality is like, especially given its price tag.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I wish!:love:
    I keep seeing it on NM website and I don't know if could get any other brown paddy when that one looks so classy!
    It's soooo gorgeous!
  3. I love the croc paddy:love: But honestly, if I were to spend that kind of money on a bag I would get a Birkin:smile: !
  4. Only in my dreams...that Croc Paddy is so gorgeous!
  5. I've seen one in NM SF, it was inside one of their glass box. But no I don't own one so I can't really say much about it
  6. my friend tried one on when she was in NY. I know the a majority of the body is croco and the sides are leather. It is a beauty and it does cost a lot! She was dying over it and really wanted to get it.
    I almost agree about the birkin over the paddy or maybe even a muse...