Croc or VCA??

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Help me decide!

  1. Van Cleef & arpels ring

  2. Croc birkin

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    I need your help on deciding what to get. I saved for a croc birkin but now I saw a Van Cleef and arpels ring that I love... How can I choose? You need to know that I have 4 non exotic birkins and a few other H bags all non exotic. Please vote and tell me why you voted for what you did.......... I forgot to mention that both are the same price
  2. Which VCA ring?

    Which croc?

  3. 35 Birkin or between the fingers ring
  4. What color croc?

    Which btf ring?
  5. birkin is birkin croc is birkin perfection the ring divine as it may be it well does not look the same go for the birkin you wont regret the choice belive me !!!!! remember birkins are jewls that look as perfect as diamonds and they perform a function the wring wont look perfect and tote your needs and secrets around !
  6. LOL, Lala!:P These things do factor into it.
  7. :P Sad, but true!

    I'd also consider whether the OP has any other VCA & how much she loves the ring vs. how much she loves the intended bag. [I weigh decisions very carefully!]

    ETA: I :heart: VCA & croc H, so I love these choices!
  8. I think the OP meant a ring something like this....

    For the record I would go for the item that you would use the most as both are beautiful!!!

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  9. #9 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    I would probably go for VCA, if it is a one-off piece that you absolutely love and will never get bored of and can not get next season.

    Hermes croc is always available (or I hope so) as long as you are offered a chance to place an order. ;)
  10. True - the OP mentioned she had saved for the bag - maybe it took a while to save, and may take longer to save for a croc in the future with price increases.

    I don't know much about VCA, but if it is something you would use more than the croc (bearing in mind you have other bags), or get more pleasure from then that would be a good choice. Does VCA jewellery go up in price much each year? More than the croc?

    I like diamond jewellery in general as I dont have to be careful with it, and a croc does not suit the climate I live in/lifestyle I have. However, the OP saved for a bag she wanted for a while and then suddenly changed her mind when a ring came along. It's hard to tell if she will stay in love with the ring as long as she has wanted to bag for (if that makes sense). A croc is a classic, is the ring a classic? You can use a croc for many years to come - will you still want to wear the ring (beautiful BTW!) in many years time? Hard choice ! (Glad I dont have to make it!).
  11. For me, the thought of having lots of H bags in my closet would weigh heavily on me. So, I would let go of a couple of Birkins and perhaps a few other bags you may not be getting cost-per-wear from and apply these funds to the Croc and then buy the VCA ring.

    Don't get me wrong.....I have my fair share of Hermes bags and have gone through quite a few in order to find my perfect collection so I'm not suggesting you let go of everything. But what I've found is to have a couple of non-exotics and then one wonderful Croc or Ostrich or whatever your preference may be, is to have a lovely selection to choose from. (I have two non-exotic Birkins, a plume, a Web, a GP and a couple of Kelly's one of which is a matte Croc so I have a little experience here....)

    Just an idea.......
  12. Usually, I would vote for the jewelry. (Jewelry is my other passion besides Hermes.) However, I have found that VCA jewelry has a very large markup for the quality. I do not know the ring in question, but I have noticed that VCA is using much more white gold for settings (versus platinum, which is stronger, less visible because you can use less of it, and a little more difficult to work with) and does not seem to hold its value if you want to resell. So my vote would be for the Hermes croc.
  13. Birkin
  14. Hermes4ever you've had great advice - please keep us posted, would love to see what you decide (either way, it will be gorgeous!) :love::cloud9:
  15. I have 2 between the fingers VCA rings and find they catch on everything. I have holes in knits from both.