Croc or Python?

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Natural python Sophia or Bronze croc Sophia?

  1. croc

  2. python

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  1. I was able to order the bronze croc Sophia from the online sale since the price finally went down. It comes tomorrow. But I am also so in love with the natural python Sophia. Not sure if I can get my hands on one though. I have been wanting an exotic bag, I just can't decide which I want. Also, croc is about $50 cheaper than python, that is if I can find python at an outlet, otherwise I'll be resorting to ebay or FOS if it gets released on that, but I don't even want to know what kind of prices I'd be looking at. Thoughts?

  2. I like the croc the best but that's just me, it sound like you really want the python, wait until you get the croc, and see how it is. Then wait for the python one.
  3. I like python better. I have it and it's a stunning bag!! Try calling Dolphin Mall outlet in Miami, FL, they had python sophia and maggie yesterday.

    And here's a pic to enable you !
  4. OMG it's so beatiful! I don't think my outlet will do a charge send though :sad:
  5. I like the python better if it were up to me and I could only have one :smile:
  6. I doesn't hurt to ask. I know my outlet does charge send without hesitation, their deletes sell in a snap but they always help you find what you want ;)
  7. Well I am biased bec I love anything Python. I vote for Python Sophia in the natural.
    I bought Lindsey in this pattern and adore her. I also love the sophia in this same pattern for an evening bag when I don't need to carry a lot of stuff.
    Go and track down a python sophia and do a charge send before they are all gone.
  8. Let just say my outlet will do a charge send, do I call the other outlet and do a charge hold first? And then go to my outlet and have them complete the paperwork?
  9. I vote for python! My outlet had a lot of them the other day.
  10. You call the other outlet, put the bag on hold and go to your outlet to process the paperwork. Don't do a charge hold because that only works if you are picking up the bag in person.
  11. Which outlet?

    OK, thank you, do I have to get the other outlet to agree to a charge send too?
  12. Sawgrass 954-837-0298
  13. Thank you
  14. Let us know if you get it..
  15. I probably can't call til tomorrow, I'll be with DH all day today and he would be mad if I was getting another bag let alone going through all that trouble to do it :sad: