Croc or Box Calf Kelly, That is the Question!

  1. Right now, I'm struggling to decide whether to choose between a 32cm Black Box Calf Kelly GHW and the identical bag in Porosus Croc. Both are nearly new, in fabulous condition. I'd like to hear pros and cons of each, ignoring cost for the time being, knowing that it would be my only Kelly.
  2. I personally think that for a croc kelly, the best size is 28cm.

    And between the 2 choices, I prefer black box with GHW but black croc with PHW. :yes:
  3. ^ agree about 28cm.

    For me, a croc Kelly is divine but it would have to be a third or fourth Kelly for me. Black Box is more wearable and A LOT less expensive. And it's THE quintessential H bag.
  4. I had a 28cm Black Porosus Croc Kelly that I sold, like a fool. At the time, I thought I wanted a 32cm for daily use and figured the 28cm was too small for that purpose. Little did I know that I'd be using a Birkin nearly every day and that a 28cm would be a wonderful size.

    So, now the question is, do I need the classic 32cm Black Box Calf Kelly GHW, if I'm able to find a 28cm Black Croc Kelly?
  5. I have a Black Box Kelly & Croc Miel Kelly. I use the Black Box a lot more than the Croc.
    My Croc very rarely sees the light of day though I love that baby.
  6. What size are these Kellys, Japster?
  7. Agree w/the above...
    Are they sellier or retourne?
  8. My 32cm Black Kellys are both Sellier, Pepper.