Croc, Lizard or Ostrich ??

  1. I'm planning to get a 30cm birkin in an exotic skin. Its for my birthday in November ! I shall go Paris to hunt it down :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Now I need advice from you gals - How much is a
    matt croc 30cm bikin,
    lizard 30cm birkin,
    ostrich 30cm birkin ???

    I was thinking the ostrich will most likely be the cheapest amongst the 3. I already have a ostrich kelly, but since its just 6 mnths old, I really don't know if osrtich ages well !!

    What are your views about these 3 exotics ???
    I heard the lizard scales will drop off :Push: Chances are, I'll decide between the ostrich and the croc.

    TIA for all your comments :yes:

    P.s. one other question. Can I bring my purchases up the plane since I need to claim my VAT ?? With the strict airport checks, will they stop me frm bgining my huge Hermes box into the plane ???:sweatdrop:
  2. for birkins :

    lizards start at $ 8000+ now for a 25 birkin. ostrich birkin 30 starts at $ 16000+. croc 30 $ 22000+.

    unless they've gone up again!
  3. sorry, i meant US $ w/o taxes yet.
  4. How exciting! Well, lizard only comes in 25cm Birkins right now because they can't get large enough skins. :smile: It is also the most delicate. I think it's best for little evening clutches or small accessories.
    Ostrich is around $15-16k, croc is low-mid 20K.
    Ostrich is extremely durable and lightweight, croc is more delicate but fabulous. It can't take water (although matte is better for this than glazed,) ostrich is MUCH better in the rain.
    Ostrich will age well over time but in lighter colors (fuchsia) the handles may darken a bit.
    If you buy a bag overseas, ship just the box home as a personal item and hand-carry your bag on the plane.
    Hope this helps!
  5. In Paris Roissy you can have customs check the goods and stamp the forms BEFORE you check in your luggage. Doesn't help with the Hermes bag which you wouldn't want to check in, but it means that all the other shopping goodies can be checked in after the forms are done.
  6. Ostrich ages well and wears like iron! If that is a concern for you, then definitely go for ostrich. A bleu roi ostrich Birkin would make me weak in the knees!
  7. ^ Me, too NInja! Blue Roi is my favorite in ostrich. Make mine a Kelly 28!
  8. croc all the way!!!! the ostrich looks like goosebumps to me IMO
  9. I have a bleu roi ostrich kelly and love it! Would like an ostrich birkin someday but that's off in the future! I love how it wears (although I haven't owned it that long)...Croc is starting to grow on me, but I really think the birkin in ostrich would be stunning! Goodluck!
  10. It depends on your needs:

    - Ostrich is very durable and develops a beautiful patina.I love ostrich in bright colors such as fuchsia, orange, saffron, and blue roi! The handles do darken easier than normal leathers so you need also to be a bit more careful with hand lotions. Well, since you already have an ostrich Kelly, you know what I mean.

    - Croc is FABULOUS! If I have the budget, I'd get croc. However, stay away from WATER!!! Once I went to Hermès wearing my croc belt and then it started to rain. The store manager told me to remove it because if it gets soaked, even with refurbishment, it's a gonner.

    - Lizard's scales fall off over time. I only like lizard in accessories like agendas or something like that.
  11. oh go for croc!!! definitely!
  12. Oh man, I'd love to go for croc !!
    But its bloody expensive :sweatdrop:

    Is lizard more expensive than ostrich ?? 30cm birkins dont come in lizard ??

    I love blue roi ostriches too :nuts:
    If I see it on a 30cm birkin, I'll definitely get that !

    I'm just worried the ostriches in the shop don't come in the colour I want. I only like ostrich in fuschia or blue !! But I already have a fuschia orstrich kelly so that means I can only go for blue.

    With the croc, I'm easier on the colours because croc looks great in any color !!!
  13. Hi I hope you do find a great exotic on your is hard to decide in advance which one...that depends on their stock available during your visit.
    but if you do not want to have to check it, make sure you fly first class. in economy they will make you check the box it is too big for the overhead compartment. One thing you can do is throw away your box and pack your purchase in a small carry-on just in the dustbag

  14. Thanks for the tip. Looks like I'll have to mail the box home.
    If I buy a whole load of stuff like shoes and clothes, I will still have to show them at customs and then bring them up the plane right ??

    The security checks are driving me crazy :hysteric:
  15. I hope so too !

    If I don't find a nice exotic, I won't be too disappointed if I can find a nice birkin or 2 :nuts:

    But what if I get NONE ??? :crybaby:

    OMG, I hope Hermes Paris won't be so cruel on me ...