Croc Lindy

  1. In a new issue of Paris Runway (magazine where they preview all the items seen in Paris on the runways for the new season), I saw a picture of a Lindy in CROC!! It was gorgeous.

    Sorry, no pictures to post as of yet.

    Hermes comes up with the best ideas....
  2. Wow, I wonder what that looked like! I need to see a pic! :yes:
  3. Never even thought of that as a possibility! What color was it?
  4. It was in a rich brown colour...
  5. ooo, definitely want to see :smile:
  6. Ooooohhhh! This sounds amazing. I had better start seriously saving my pennies now. I'm with Berlyn though, I can't wait to see this bag because I have a hard time imagining croc being flexible enough for the Lindy.
  7. They do have a soft flexible croc that's used for coats...
  8. I can't wait to see a picture of the croc lindy also. It must be gorgeous and TDF. :drool:
  9. I spied a croc Plume the other day. It was surprisingly gorgeous!
  10. oooh! croc lindy? geez i've gotta see pics of that!
  11. It sounds beautiful.
  12. Oh Oh Oh!! Croc Lindy! I can't wait to see the pic.
  13. Hi Ladies! Here is the pic of the Croc Lindy that I copied from the thread - 'Hermes Fall/Winter 2007/08'. Enjoys!

  14. ^^^

    Thanks for providing the picture Ros...

    Just like that, the croc has turned the Lindy into a sophisticated purse... it's beautiful.
  15. Love it!!! Thanks!