Croc knot- steel ash or stone

  1. Hi ladies lookinginto getting a stretch knot in croco...3000 euro... Which colour to go for? Ash steel or stone? I feel stone is. Lil too light... So ash or steel ? Help pls.... Any other neutral suggestion?
  2. Steel!!!! I bet it would be gorgeous
  3. happen to have a knot croc from 2-3 years ago that is in a taupe color.. forget

    the exact color name... find it very wearable & works with so many things..

    do you wear neutrals, brights or dark colors? its nice to have an accent color
  4. do you have any pictures for reference? I haven't been up to date with bv stuff lately...

    my worry with lighter knots is that my hand oils will end up staining it over time. but then I realize that when I carry my knot it's to the type of event where it's not in my hand for a prolonged period of time anyhow so it's probably not an issue.
  5. ash and steel are so similar in regular leather that it's hard to tell them apart. I snapped up steel because I mistakenly passed on ash Scuro. but I know dyes tend to come out different in exotics. have you seen the two colors in croc? is there a difference? or are these hypothetical color choices?

    I have a croc knot in plaster which isnt like plaster in regular leather. in croc it's more gray - like H's Gris tourterelle.

    and there are always the classic Nero and ebano.
  6. Steel looks nice!
  7. Wow the crocodile ash (scuro?) elongated knot is the one that got away for me.
  8. Saw steel today and loved it!