Croc Kelly

  1. Ok, I've totally lost track with all the purchases everyone made this week. But currently, WHO on this forum has a Croc Kelly? And who is in process of getting one?
  2. Ok, let's see if I have them all down. Ladies who currently own a croc Kelly:

    Dressage Queen
    Tokyo Traveller

    I KNOW I must be forgetting someone. I keep thinking there are more people on this board who owns croc Kelly.
  3. I have one :smile:
    28cm in havanne
  4. Tresor!! Post a picture,... PLEASE!!!
  5. I have the pochette! but i'm definitly getting a 32cm Kelly in crocodile.. not sure which color yet!
  6. here she is :smile:
    she is a tad tiny for me, but i don't have a budget for a 32cm *sniff*
    and i'd just really love to have a 32 cm croc kelly or 30cm croc birkin in a bright color (sapphire blue!!)

  7. ^^ WOW.. love it!
  8. Oh Tresor she's BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! Mine is 28cm and any bigger would be too big for me but I can see how you'd want one the next size up.....I have to streamline what I put inside because it doesn't "give" like my 28cm Chevre does.

    She's gorgeous Tresor....wear her in good health and often!!!!
  9. Hey Shopmom411, you are right, I wish though it would stretch out like the regular leathers do, haha but I really have to edit what I put inside the bag. I really, truly wished it was a 32cm... in bleu roi or sapphire blue ;) *ok Im pushing it*
    haha.. i wish i had unlimited bag budget (dont we all :biggrin:)
  10. I have a black vintage croc - I think the size is 32!

  11. Ing, is that the one that you were tryin' to sell a while back? I'm glad you didnt sell it coz I think you're a fool if you let it go. It is SO BEAUTIFUL, the color is AMAZING, and it's matte (love matte croc!). This is a delicious evening bag!
  12. Yes I was attempting to sell the bag since I wanted an upgrade to a 32cm, but after realizing how much it would cost me *faints*, i just kept the bag. I don't wanna die a broke hag :biggrin:

  13. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  14. Out of curiosity, how much would the upgrade cost?
  15. well the 32cm kelly last i checked was in the ballpark range of US$18k (sans tax) already ! and geez where will i get the difference from the sale of my croc 28 to pay for the 32? *sniff sniff*