Croc Kelly

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  1. Is it difficult to get a Kelly in braise shiny croccodile or a Kelly pochette in black shiny croccodile.

    Can you get lucky and they just happen to have them in store or is it a case of ordering them specially.

    Quite a few of you seem to be into the exotics so I thought you might have some words of wisdom for me!
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    Most of the time I've seen crocs on the shelf they've been with diamonds
  3. Croc bags are controlled items where I come from. So, these never go onto the shelves.
  4. There is a diamond braise croc Kelly in the display case at the Bev Hills store right now. It is gorgeous!! :heart::heart:
  5. I'd love one with diamonds but I think it'll be too high a price. Plus I'd love a trip to BH as well but I think i'd be pushing my luck!

    Any idea how long it would take to order one?
  6. at my store you have to be a known client to be considered for croc orders. then it depends on the color and the availability anything between 6 month to 2 years is possible
    it also depends on the skin (poro nilo or alligator) you want

    but as always you could be totally win the lottery by walking in a boutique and find such a bag on the shelf (it is rare but can happen)
  7. I have seen those croc bags with diamonds in H windows all over Europe last winter. I would not be surprised they come back soon everywhere....

    Also, quite afew croc Kelly with plain HDW as well. Even some Birkins with plain HDW.... I am talking about EU stores here.
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    This is the same at mine. :yes: Some croc colours are so rare, only 2 quotas are offered by Paris every season at my store. No prizes in guessing who gets them!
  9. The one in Bev Hills is about $150k. It is available for purchase. Ordering one from that store would be much more difficult though...
  10. yup plus of course the 15 colors that have to be pre approved (aka" invitation") by h (but not to confuse the opener braise is not one of them braise is rarer than black or brown crocs but nowwhere near unobtainable.

    another suggestzion is ebay- there are some very trusted fantastic resellers and if this bag is the only thing you want maybe that is the way to go for you! :smile:
  11. if the ordering is about the diamond bag it is actually quite easy to get these ordered( a bit harder than years ago but easier than one without adornment if that makes sense) and the store usually does not give you any"crap "when it comes to ordering those (apart from certain colors though lol) :yes:
  12. Think I need DH to do some ringing around to find out the best options.

    Thank you everybody for sharing your knowledge.

    Now does anyone know how to rob a bank!!!
  13. Atlanta has a 32 cm braise croc. Kelly with gold hardware at $26,000 (pricing as of a week ago Friday - most likely increasing tomorrow!) It wasn't on display, but it wasn't ordered for a particular customer either and is available.
  14. Total Dream Bag ~ DiamondShirl ~ Go Get It!!!!!!:yahoo:

    ETA: I just realized you were in the UK....If you could get hold of them & it available ~ great reason to take a trip!!!

  15. Yes! Go grab it! I love Braise! And it's gorgeous with GHW! (star3777, you know how much I love your Kelly!