Croc Kelly Pricing and General Information?

  1. Hi people, now I'm wondering again. How much is a shiny croc or alligator kelly? Either the size 32 or 28? There are several on eBay at this moment.

    Last time I chatted with my SA, she mentioned the prices are about the same. We never got into the specifics because she wasn't getting any soon. But nevertheless, I placed a PO. I need to get ready in the meantime.

    So for those of you well versed and connected, please inform the latest prices. Also, when do price hikes take place this year? Or has it already?

    For actual croc kelly owners, could you please post some beautiful pics for us to enjoy? And how do you take care of your precious handbags? How do lighter colored croc wear over time as opposed to darker ones?

    Ahhh...this is all I can think about right now- but seriously, purse ban 2008. Dream bag attached!:love::love::love:
  2. Sorry im not much help. Maybe u wanna go to the ref corner.