Croc Kelly or Lizard Kelly?

  1. I need some advice, please. I have a chance to buy 32cm croc Kelly from a friend for about $7,000 - it is about 40 years old. But I was thinking of buying the Lizard Kelly on the CDL website. What should I do?:shrugs: I am in a real :push: ! Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!
  2. What shape are they both in??

    I've seen the Lizard on CDL - it appears to be in fabulous shape but you have to be extra careful with them, lizard is the least durable of all the Hermes skins, I think I read that. It can scratch easily, and needs to be maintained. That said, I gravitate to them for their classic lines and impeccable style.

    That said, a croc kelly is a treat too! What colour is it? Do you have pics?
  3. $7,000 seems like a good price if it's in good condition.
  4. i say go with croc! i too have heard that lizard skin is hard to maintain and the croc sounds FABULOUS! :biggrin:
  5. Croc all the way!
  6. The price sounds good for a Croc Kelly, I'd go the the KELLY !
  7. Perhaps you want to show us some pics of the croc bag in the 'authenticate this' thread so we can make sure you don't buy something that isn't worth the money.
  8. Good Morning,

    I am going to try to donwload the pictures later, so you can see the black croc in the "authenticate this" thread.

    Also, thank you for your opinions on the black croc vs. black lizard Kelly.

  9. I echo those who favor croc over lizard. I remember reading quite a lengthy discussion on the Hermes thread over at THe Fashion Spot about the quality of lizard and the general concensus was to stay away from it (even though it does look beautiful).
  10. what is CDL website?
  11. Late coming into this post, but want to add my two cents. IMO, Lizard is too fragile unless you'd only wear it occasionally.
  12. For me, Croc is the ultimate...
  13. Croc.
  14. Today, I'm a woman of few words.
  15. One thing to be aware of when you're buying a vintage croc bag is how the skins have been cared for over the years. It's possible to find vintage croc bags in marvelous condition, without cracked/dried skin, that have kept their shape. However, you need to either see the bag or see lots of photos of the bag to gauge its condition. Once a croc bag has shrunk (caved it) from dryness, there's absolutely no way to reverse that.