Croc Kelly in Elle magazine!

  1. I just looked through the July 2006 Elle with Hilary Duff on the cover. On page 143 is a picture of a woman running with a man and she is carying a Kelly bag that is STUNNING!
  2. Thanks for the info nathansgirl, I must go and look!:yes: :P
  3. if the guy is as stunning as the kelly i´ll take them both wrapped nicely and delivered to my door please
  4. Hmm he's KIND of cute. I didn't even notice his face at first. I was staring at her bag and her shoes. I had to take a quick look after I read your post.
  5. nathansgirl, you have a good eye, I looked at that mag. a bunch of times and never noticed it!:amuse: so, thanks again, love that bag:P
  6. SCANS!!! I want scans~~~~:lol:
  7. Me too!!