Croc Flip flops

  1. Im a flip flop wearing girl....(living in FL) anyway...I have seen crocs on many people and always thought YUCK!!! So clunky and ugly. While in Ca. I was exericing like crazy and my feet always hurt. In the evenings I just wanted relief!! I tried on croc flip flops and OH MY GOD...I have never had on anything so comfy in my life. Im a convert. I LOVE THEM!!! Does anyone else wear them?
  2. I don't have the flip-flops, but I have the normal clogs. They aren't the most stylish things out there, but SUPER comfortable. I just got back from a beach vacation and wore them ALL week - to and from the beach and even bike riding. Very durable and light.
  3. Nope...can't get into the crocs at ALL....I think there are plenty of super comfy shoes out there that are nicer looking...
  4. Honestly I thought just like you a few weeks ago!!! I dress up alot and always have on dressy sandals and now as Im getting dressed I WISH I could throw on the croc flip flops...they are amazing.
  5. I've never seen the flip flops - might have to check those out! I have a couple pairs of the clogs that I use when I'm working in the hospital - very comfortable!
  6. I love flip flops and they're all I wear. I'm not a big fan of crocs, but I live in Southern California and it seems like everyone wears them, even my boyfriend who made me go with him to Nordstroms to buy a pair. I heard that they are unbelievably comfortable though.
  7. Same with me... give me a pair of flip flops, Pumas or Lacoste shoes any day over those horrid Crocs!
  8. Don't get me wrong...I love my flip flops...but when I want more support...I go with my birks...they make so many cute styles now... But I can't stand the way that crocs look!
  9. people rave about how comfortable these shoes are and my interest is getting piqued!
    i need to find something more comfortable and may try these. fashion be damned!
  10. be damned!!! I was a birks girl at one time...NO MORE!! Those damn things will give me a blister everytime...ugly, or not these crocs are THE DEAL. Way more comfy than any gucci, Stuart W., etc etc etc...I want to invest in the company!
  11. The Croc flip flops are wonderful and cute to boot;) .
    Fashion is fine but 25 or 30 yrs down the road when you have developed hammer toes and bunions you'll wish you had used good common sense and given your tootsies a break.
  12. I don't know why, but I loved Crocs that first time I saw it!
  13. I wear them around the house because I have heel spurs and cannot walk around barefoot all of the time at home. I don't wear them out in public, but at home...OMG...they are so comfortable and help my heels so much!
  14. Wow! I've NEVER gotten a blister with my birks! And I've got like 10 I wear them a LOT!
  15. I have 2 pairs of Birks one with 3 straps and one with 2 and both of them have rubbed me raw at one time or another....I stopped wearing them years ago. I still like them many cute colors out now!