croc-embossed nubuck Downtown in anthracite

  1. This pic is from a Nordstrom catalogue I just received. Croc-embossed nubuck Downtown bag in anthracite. (Looks like the large size.) It's $1,995.

  2. I like it!
    I have been on the phone with a boutique in search of an anthracite Muse, and one SA mentioned a dark grey patent Muse was available this season...I didn't ask about the Downtown, but that would be another fabulous finish.
  3. I love the way that downtown looks!!!!
  4. Nubuck is some type of suede right? and much more durable than regular suede?
  5. Oh my God! It's sooooo beautiful!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
    I need a grey bag this winter. I think I just found it!!
    Thanks Cosmopolitan!
  6. Right, its sort of like a brushed leather, or suede with a shorter "nap"
  7. :nuts:

    i love that!
    i knew they were doing that finish on the seaside or whatever that new bag is called, but not the downtown...

    really nice!!
    thanks for posting the pic...
  8. Wow, this looks good. Any one knows if it comes in the smaller size?
  9. It is so gorgeus!
  10. :nuts::heart: