Croc-Embossed Dijon Abigail instant REVEAL + mod pics!!

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  1. My lovely Abigail arrived today at last. (style #18616, $598.) What a long journey this PCE has been, lol. This is what I ordered in exchange for the Eva. I still dearly wish they would produce this beautiful bag in gray croc, but there's hope I suppose (I would buy a second one I think), and I bet they will keep this style around in the Madison collection. It's really a beautiful tote, a good size for anyone (I am quite petite), wearable on the shoulder or in hand easily, and tons of room inside. Love the Abigail!!!

    I ordered the dijon color based on the DD, which I think is more yellow-yellow than the actual bag, which is a true ochre-mustard shade. A very nice hue for fall, but I think bright enough for spring-summer also. The lining is a rich dark blue, perfect contrast. The croc embossing is supple and very soft, not stiff or cheap-looking as some lower-end croc bags can be.

    How bout the pics???
  2. Lets see her!!
  3. Oh, lets see - is the croc shiny or matte?
  4. Show the pics!
  5. These photos were taken outdoors under very overcast skies.



    handles hang down nicely

    blue interior, with my kinda perfectly coordinated old ombre suede wristlet, LV pouch, black Coach compact wallet, keys, and my daughter's sweater :smile: I could fit a lot more in here.

    zipper is attached to one end, so only a half breakaway. Easy to use!
  6. Mod shots

    what's up, PF

    on elbow. yes, that is my dyson vacuum back there, oh well

  7. Congrats! That is one beautiful bag! I wasn't sure about the color on the DD, but I like to color in your pics. Enjoy your new bag and thank you for the pics!
  8. Lovely. I really like the shape of this bag. The color is very pretty!
    Looks absolutely perfect on you! Congrats.
  9. Thank you for joining me everyone! This will (probably) be my last reveal for a while. I am expecting a python sophia tomorrow but it's been revealed here a couple times, already once this week, so I'll hold off on duplicating that :smile:
  10. So pretty on you! Love it! You'll love the form, fit and function of the Abigail. I find it fits a lot of stuff without being an overly big bag. Thanks for taking the time to post mod pics. Looks fabulous on you!
  11. Wow, that color looks way better than the DD pics. Thanks for sharing!
  12. If you want one, they're going fast, folks. The current stock at JAX is < 20. A re-stock could very well happen, knowing Coach, but who knows when.

    Thanks again everyone for your nice words. :smile:
  13. Great bag and it looks really good on you and your coloring...enjoy
  14. It's stunning Jane and next to your dark hair it's a knockout!! I could never pull that color off but you wear it beautifully!!!! Congrats!!
  15. The croc Abigail is a gorgeous bag, and that navy lining is awesome! It looks so good on you! The size looks just right! Thanks for the mod pics!

    I'm also hoping the Abigail or Lindsey comes out soon in the grey croc.

    And twins on the Dyson, lol!