Croc colour cocoan - in matte?

  1. Has anyone got a pic or reference to one of Cocoan in matte crocodile? I've only seen the glazed version. Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. Do they make Matte Croc in Cocoan? I was always under the impression that the brown counterpart in Matte was Havane.
  3. ^^That's what I thought too. But wondered about if there were a matte cocoan. Would be nice I reckon! Glazed cocoan always has that slight burgundy undertone at the scale edges.
  4. sorry no matte cocoan croc as far as i know
  5. ^^Thanks for the info, Lilach.

    Aww, would've been interesting colour, if there indeed were one. Nevermind, there are always other lovely colours to think about;)

    I know havanne is just gorgeous and there's graphite which is a bit too dark for me I think. What else is be available atm, in terms of matte croc colours?
  6. Ficelle, and I believe miel too, right?
  7. For matte in neutrals, there is that new shade called Fauve and then there's Barenia, which is almost Cognac-like.

    Cocoan in glazed is so interesting and varies from piece to piece. The swatch I saw did indeed have that gorgeous burgundy undertone to it, but then when I saw it on a 50cm Birkin IRL it was so dark that I thought it was almost black until I walked right up to it. The SA verified that the color was indeed Cocoan.
  8. orchids, I have seen matte barenia croc. Let's just say I didn't want to bring it home.
  9. ^ I'd have to agree with you, Mrs S. Not my cup of tea.
  10. Cocaon, Miel and Ficelle only come in shiny at the moment. (But havane is a great alternative to cocaon.)

    I was told that the new name Fauve = Barenia Natural.
  11. Ah that's right, I said Ficelle but was thinking of Fauve. I'm still learning about croc colors in general!