croc CDC Bracelet on ebay........looks funny?

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  1. Item number: 290118836930

    doesnt the croc look strange?
  2. ^^Nope, that croc bracelet is Authentic, and purchased at the boutique. It's BARENIA!! :yes:

    Anyways...what looks strange?? Looks very yummy to me. :smile:
  3. NO...It is authentic.

  4. i thought the scales were more square?
  5. Totally authentic, fabulous seller.
  6. thanks!
  7. Just FYI..Not trying to be antagonistic or anything.. But there is an "Authenticate This" Thread under the Shopping Section.

    Did you end up getting it? I love Barenia!

  8. sorry--i wasnt sure how that worked (authenticate this) no but staring at it often!
  9. Instead of creating new thread, you basically post the ebay number on that thread.
  10. ^^ :yes:
  11. This is a listing for an ALLIGATOR CDC bracelet. It is not croc. And the scales on this strap is rightly and wonderfully gorgeous. In fact, Hermes has used the smallest alligator scales to make this beautiful piece. I have a H watch with alligator strap, and the scales are a lot more rectangular and flatter. This is a beautiful piece. Sorry, to be gushing but it's the honest truth!
  12. It's beautiful -- I have a gator cuff and also learned that the scales are smaller like this the cdc's!!!
  13. I have a "technical" question ... I thought that Barenia was a type of leather and that Alligator was a type of leather. I am just confused how an item can be both Barenia and Alligator. What am I missing here. ??????

    I know the bracelet is authentic and the seller fab... this is not questioning authenticity in any way whatsoever... I just am confused by the terminology. ????
  14. Kallie, I felt a little confused about that too because my SA told me she had something in barenia arriving and I thought she meant the skin but, she meant the color of the piece.

    I need educating too.....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.