Croc Carolina on sale!!

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  1. Pm me for SA info if you are serious. Crocodile Carolina clutch in white or foundation (brown). On sale down from $10,200 to $4,644.

    Here is the ad campaign pic:

  2. woohoo....that's a great price but not for me...thanks for the info tho
  3. I looooooove this clutch!!!!
  4. wow - thats what I call a sale. What a price drop!
  5. Hope a TPF'r gets it! What a deal!
  6. ...I love the dress they used on the model for the ad too. :biggrin: I'm such a leopard freak.

    I do hope a tPFer lands the clutch, sounds like an incredible deal for someone to enjoy.
  7. Sorry, folks this is an old thread. The bag is gone. It sold in January.
  8. lionlaw - I saw that bag at the Woodbury outlet in NY on 2/16/09. It was really pretty. It might still be there.

    ps- love your new pic of Shadow!
  9. Thanks! That is his "sexy beast" pose. :P I swear he looks different in every picture.