Croc Bracelet

  1. Hi everyone....I have my Narrow Clic clac bracelet & I love it so much!!! I just want to know if Hermes have a similar kind but in croc leather??? If you have pictures, pls show....I would appreciate it. Thanks!!:confused1:
  2. I saw one in Rouge H croc!
  3. Do they still make these? I know they made lizard ones by the gazillions in the 80s and 90s but I haven't seen a croc or alligator one new in the store in forever.
    I do see them on eBay sometimes though, for what that's worth.
  4. I saw some croc jewelry at Wall Street recently. There was an orange bracelet with 18k hardware for @$3800. It was @1" wide....
  5. Yes, that I saw, but not the clic clac style. I loved that orange croc one, called a Boucle Sellier I believe--they have one with a diamond buckle as well :drool: I didn't even ask the price of that one though! Out of my league.