croc -- black or brown?

black or brown croc?

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Aug 22, 2006
i love vintage bags and have been keeping my eye out for a croc kelly that i can afford. in my search i've come accross many more black ones than brown, which made me wonder whether there's a general preference for black croc over brown. so, leaving all the other colors out, which do you prefer?

i adore them both, though i think i like brown just a smidge more -- not sure why. :shrugs:


May 30, 2006
Argh DQ, this has been my ongoing dilemma. I lean towards black because it's so practical and elegant, yet the richness of Croc in Miel and Cacoan really show off the scales and add dimension to the bag. In the end if forced to pick, I have to go with my coloring and my clothing so I'd pick a Black Croc Kelly for myself, and b/c I don't like to compromise....will just have to hope for a 30cm Birkin in Miel or Cacoan somewhere down the road. :yes:


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Actually, DQ, when you see it, you'll know. Black or'll be like an arrow through the heart. That's what happened to me when I saw was more than I could afford at the time but I had to have it. I just had to HAVE it!!!! KWIM?????