Croc Birkin

  1. Hello All,

    Any information anyone can share in obtaining a 35 croc birkin from an H store with either gold or palladium? I have been to Paris, and have seen the diamond croc ones, but found them too much for me both in price and look. Any ideas on the following would be most appreciated:

    1. how long is the 'wait' list?
    2. colors the are difficult to come by
    3. any new changes in the 'rules'

    I must be dreaming ... but thought I'd ask.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It would be one hell of a lucky day for anyone to chance upon a croc Birkin (without diamonds) on the shelves. Croc Birkins are reserved for VVIPs who are regular customers with Hermes. This rule has not changed. If you wish to get a croc Birkin fast, and without fuss, buy from any of the reputable resellers on eBay, such as CDL, MK, Hermes**, nyfashionexpert etc.
  3. second what lovely mrs said.a croc b without diamonds is harder and harder to get and they even tightened the rules as croc is just that scarce also resulting in more an dmore bag with diamonds
  4. I was lucky enough to see 2 bags not spoken for, but both were smaller than 35cm. I live in Europe.
  5. As one would would need to come across the right croc fairy at Hermes!
  6. Thanks to all for your comments.

    May have to move to some place in Europe!

    I read somewhere, on TPF, that the rules may change - where you will have to be a customer of ready-to-wear before you can even get one... is this true?

    Wow, H brings VIPs to another level! Will VVIPs (whatever this constitutes in H land) still have to wait?

    Thanks mrssparkles. I looked at CDL prices, they are fairly marked-up (+/- taxes), based on TFP's current price list of exotics - hence trying to get one from an H store.

    I want one....:girlsigh:
  7. Hello everyone,
    I'm new to this forum, but I thought I'd share I saw a 30 or 35cm gold crocodile Birkin available at the NYC Madison avenue store yesterday around lunchtime. I bet it's still there if anyone is local.
  8. hello again,

    does anyone know the current retail price of shiny porosus in 30 or 35 cm?
    checked the existing thread but giving it another go here...

  9. My recent purchase of a 35 black croc w/ gold hw was around US$30,000. I didn't wait -- just got a call from an SA I've been developing a relationship with. My view of the "rules" is that there are no rules. There's just bags and karma.
  10. Totally agree. I spotted one on the shelves in an Hermes Store Tokyo about a month back.
    I think it was a Vert Fonce (Dark Forest Green), Poro Matte, with GHW in a size 30cm.

    A friend of mine saw another one being bought by a walk-in when she was at the Ginza Store there in Dec too.

    I'd say GOOD LUCK! Try every store you visit and you might just SCORE something you like!
  11. Congratulations, teswa. I guess the time you spent developing this relationship can be taken into account of the time you 'waited' to express your desire for a croc birkin. And I believe the relationship you developed entailed many H purchases with your SA?

    There are definitely exceptions in certain markets but by and large, the policy is no exotics for walk-ins. In stiffer markets, no Birkins for walk-ins.

    There are alot of lurkers on this forum, and it's not good to give the false impression of exceptions as the norm.
  12. The thing is, it's not easy to get a croc Birkin due to limited supply. And many a times, customers have to "work their way up" to be offered a croc Birkin, and this usually entails large purchases. That's why some ladies prefer to approach resellers, because it's fuss free, and the bags are right there. No waiting, no disappointments.

    Will VVIPs still have to wait? Yes, and no. No for croc colours offered in the majority category. Yes, for super rare colours.

    Regarding croc birkins on the shelves .... it is usually classic croc colours. Rare and highly demanded colours (read: seasonal colours & pale colours)... no chance.
  13. Was told that those crocs are displayed on the shelves only after being offered to regulars and not taken
  14. :yes: they would not risk putting a croc out before calling their loyal client database

    the differences between colors mrs already explained wonderfully i just want to add
    apart from that withsome colors they even ask their customers politely to keep it hush hush that they got this color and where from.
  15. You can call me a lurker if you like -- I just joined and don't post often -- but my experience buying Hermes over the last eight years has always proven to me that there are no firm rules -- which means that there are always exceptions. Everything from, "you can't walk into a store and find a birkin," to "you need to be a regular customer first", to "two birkins a year", ad infinitum. The SA who offered me the bag had met me twice (granted, I walked into the store "fully loaded" with birkin, wallet, gloves, etc.). That's why I say that Karma -- chemistry, kismet, fate -- plays such a role. I think that's why I find the thrill of the hunt fascinating!