Croc Birkin or VCA btf ring?

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Help me decide!

  1. croc 35 birkin

  2. btf VCA ring

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I need your help on deciding what to get. I saved for a croc birkin but now I saw a Van Cleef and arpels ring that I love... How can I choose? You need to know that I have 4 non exotic birkins and a few other H bags all non exotic. Please vote and tell me why you voted for what you did.......... I forgot to mention that both are the same price
  2. Hmm, tough question. I am leaning a tad more for the croc birkin, mainly because of the rapid price increase.
  3. You can always get a ring that you love, but a Croc Birkin................:nuts:
  4. Which VCA ring?
  5. Get both :lol: the one you love the most now and then save for the one you love second.
  6. i say croc birkin only because the vca is always in stock isn't it?
  7. croc birkin, as always you can get the VCA ring as its available all the time
  8. Let the croc live, you already have 4 Birkins!
  9. I vote for the Birkin, you can never have enough Birkins!
  10. Croc Birkin for sure.
  11. The birkin if you will use the croc. It's harder to get & the ring is more easily available.
  12. LOL... personally I think if you have too many they aren't as special...but that's just me! I love vca and have a pretty good idea what your budget is... I just couldn't pay that much for a BAG! Jewels on the other hand... ;)
  13. I have loved VCA .. & I have started to fall in love with H:heart::heart::heart:... It is so difficult to choose between the 2!:nuts:
    I say go with the one which is "closer to your heart" & that which you will end up using more..
    Good luck with you decision & can't wait to see your reveal in the VCA or H thread :smile:
  14. croc birkin... nothing is more amazing...

    although i may change my mind if i see the VCA ring :graucho:
  15. ring!!