Croc birkin in Paris

  1. I have read thru a lot of threads that it's easy to get birkin in Paris when you visit the Hermes shop everyday between 2-4pm.
    Is there anyone experience to get a croco birkin by just walking in the shop. I was told that croco birkin bags are only offered to super VIPS as they are limited. Is that true?
  2. If you have about 120,000 euros or so burning a hole in your pocket you can buy the 35 cocoan croc birkin with diamonds that is there right now. :smile:

    Croc birkins are normally special orders, but I think on the rare occasion one might find one in stock, possibly rejected by a client. I've seen some there, but that isn't usual.
  3. How about the croc birkin without diamond? Is it also in rare occasion?
  4. Yes. Possibly even rarer to find on the spot than a croc with diamonds at the moment.
  5. Yeap, I confirm its rarity. I need to place a SO if I wanted one, which will arrive in July. Was told that croc/alligator is as rare as box.
  6. Tammy, did you enquire how SO work in the mothership?

    I can't seem to find Gina's thread anymore.
  7. I did. It's very strange. The first SA I dealt with told me "impossible" and left it as that. It wasn't until I was there everyday for 2 weeks and kept asking for bags they didn't have that they offered to do a SO for me. I have seen people asking to do an SO and being turned away. Building a relationship with one SA certainly helps.
  8. ^ I see, Tammy. Thanks for the explanations.
  9. Can anyone tell me is it ok to carry crock all year?
  10. Why not? I carry it all the time!
  11. Weather permitting, croc is great all year. As far as Paris,...they usually have some croc bags in the window, but I have not seen any (except the one with diamonds) available for sale on the floor.
  12. how much is a birkin 30/35 in croco?