Croc Birkin colour? Matte or Glossy?

  1. Am considering a 30cm croc Birkin. Gold hardware all the way!!! As for colour and glossy/matte, I'm totally undecided. Please advise on the following choices.

    For Glossy croc
    1) Fuschia
    2) Rouge vif

    For Matte croc:
    1) Barenia colour with external white stitch
    2) Rouge vif

    Thanks :smile:
  2. ^^ My recommendation as highlighted.:wlae:

    Red will always be a colour that can follow us when we get on with our years. I know I will be shy with a pink bag when I am 50 years old. But with red, no such issue. GHW looks great with red. With pink (fuchsia), I personally think it looks better with PHW.

    I turned down matte croc, only because it looks very casual when it's matte. Shiny ALL THE WAY!
  3. It's difficult for me to choose one of your selections for SHINY since I would have a hard time with both those colors's BARENIA color for Matte all the way for S'Mom!!!!!!
  4. Shiny if you get rouge vif, matte if you go barenia colour.
  5. I love matte, especially barenia.
  6. I second MrsS's choice.......rouve vif in a shiny croc is so H. And it screams of old fashioned good sensibilities and dare I say it,....old(but elegant) money!
  7. shiny rouge vif is my vote :drool:
  8. for a formal look - shiny rouge vig is such a gorgeous color!

    for a more casual bag - matte barenia is too cool!
  9. Barenia Matte Croc. is my vote!!!!!!

    I am trying to come up with an idea on how to buy that Rouge Garrance Matte Birkin fron CDL. I'm going goo goo ga ga for it!
  10. Rouge if you go Shiny for sure!
  11. Uhm, what colors are in your wardrobe mostly?
  12. I personally prefer matte crocs but with rouge vif, I'd go with the shiny one. The color really pops out!
  13. There is only one solution:

    You must get two.

    A shiny Rouge Vif AND a matte Barenia. You need them both. I can't decide, I just can't.:woohoo:
  14. i think some people are either pink or red people. i agree with mrssparkles that red would be the safer choice into the distant future but if you love pink and never wear red, i would seriously consider fuschia croc it is so fun and pretty.
  15. :yes: ;)