Croc Birkin - color, size?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I would like to get my wife a croc Birkin for her next bag, and I would appreciate some help on choosing the color and size.

    She currently has 30cm and 35cm Birkins (she's 5'6") in bright as well as quieter colors.

    I'm thinking shiny porosus, but not sure about the size or color. Should I go something bright (braise, bleu jean, vert anis, fuschia) or more subtle for everyday use (black, bleu roi, noir, meil)? 30cm or 35cm? This would be her first Hermes croc bag, so I want it to be special.

    All opinions and recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.
  2. IMO, if you can purchase a matte havane croc in a 35...that is all she will ever need! (with palladium...oh so gorgeous!)

    In a shiny croc, I would purchase a 30 for size and fuschia would be stunning! Vert anis is beautiful as well...or any bright color that you truly are attracted too.

    Best of Luck to you on your search.
  3. Fuschia is great and can work for everyday as well. Additionally Violette would be a great color for everyday use as well.
  4. I would go 30cm size if you go shiny and bright and 35cm if you go matte. I :heart: meil & havanne (sp?). Is this going to be a bag she will use often/daily or just on special occasions?
  5. i say for her first croc get her something she will want to wear each and every day (or at least could if she wishes to do so). everyone knows i am mad about colored croc BUT i do not know how your wife dresses but i assume more colorful than me so i think a colored croc is tooo special for her first
    i think black or miel with gold hardware or graphite with palladium in shiny croc or fauve or neutral fab rouge H in matte croc are wonderful allaround colors and good croc starters.
    and don´t worry she´ll want the colored beautys anyways later lol
  6. I agree...after the first croc, she will want another. They are all gorgeous.
  7. For a croc, I would go for a black or dark colour and the next go popping colour! Lucky lady she will be!x
  8. ok, are you the best husband ever, or what???????
  9. Thanks for all the great advice!

    I also think that maybe I should go with something darker and everyday for her first croc (meil or havane seems to be a popular choice, but what color hardware?). Then get her a bright, colorful one next, or a bicolor?

    For meil or havane, is shiny better or matte? I think the general opinion is 30cm for shiny and 35cm for matte.
  10. Havanne in matte croc. is beyond DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!:heart: Pictures can't show the beauty of it not even close! You have to see and feel it in person. I would have never thought, 1) I would LOVE matte croc. 2) I would love dark neutral color like Havanne(I am a pop-colored-bag person) UNTIL I saw matte Havanne in person:drool::drool::love::heart::heart:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. see how tastes differ i for one absolute do not like havanne
  12. If you can get matte vote is palladium all the way!

    Aspen says it perfectly.^^ To see it in person is totally different than any picture. It is the only way to experience this combination. Matte, matte, matte all the way...if you can get it!

    Later, a 30 in a shiny pop of color...if your wife is even willing to put her matte down!
  13. All right, skim! Since you don't have any brothers, how about cousins? Second cousins? Nephews? Uncles??????????
  14. For me - shiny meil with gold and matte havane with palladium.:heart:
  15. I agree^^