croc besace flap & muse two from fall 08

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  1. gasps :woohoo:

    they ARE GORGEOUS!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. WOW! I love them! I'm guessing they are real croc? Love the besace!
    thanks for the photos!
  3. I just bought the besace flap bag in Sky Anthracite. I'm so excited. Cant wait!!!
  4. yeah i do think they're real croc as well
    loads of designers made some great exotic skin bags for the fall 08

    oooh congrats coconyl, please post pic when u got ur besace! i love the style!
  5. Though has anyone seen the Besace flap bag in Sahara color (the one in the ad with Kate Moss)?? I like the Sky Anthracite but it was like Sofie's Choice. What's your input?
  6. I saw the Sahara color and it is cracked gold...I did not like it for myself though I did think it looked fab in the ad.
  7. I love them both! The colors are amazing!
  8. I just adore this version :drool: However, information about it is rare, I can only find it's fall 08 & the same frontal pic everywhere. Does anyone know how much it will retail for?
    What are the side parts made of? Oh, I am dying to know more!!!:nuts:

  9. Oh,...
    that bag is simply stunning.
    I'm sure its $$$$$
  10. I've only see photo's but it's Gorgeous! Call a YSL boutique & ask the price.
    Wish it was on sale ;)
  11. There's no store in my country... do you think they are able to give me the price via email?:confused1:
  12. Breathtaking! But i think the price is going to be through the roof. I am actully liking a lot the Muse II they have for the Fall. Wasn't a huge fan if the blue or the mauve colors, but seeing black and caramel for Fall excites me!
  13. woowowo that is gorgeous!
  14. Too stunning for words! The soft pink and grey are a beautiful combo!
  15. that bag is beautiful