Croc. Beige-rose is indeed GORGEOUS!!!

  1. Oh, my GOD! Guys look at these pictures!!! So gorgeous!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Oh, oh....I need to order this. I think lilach've said her order of this croc. Birkin is confirmed. Lucky you, lilach! Oh....drooling:heart: :heart: All I can say is OHHHHHHHHH!!!
    Rose beige.jpg Rose beige1.jpg Rose beige2.jpg Rose beige3.jpg
  2. :nuts: se i have always told you it is such a feminine yet neutral colour but with a twist. i adore that colour and pictures can´t even capture its colourchabging beauty :girlsigh: and yeah my order is confirmed. :wlae:

    where did you find those pics??
  3. WOW! This bag is drop dead gorgeous :nuts:
    Hhm, think it could be the most appealing bag ever.

    Lilach - you are sooo lucky!!
  4. Ahhhh - absolutely GORGEOUS! Remind me, Lilach, which color HW did you get? Do both colors go well with this shade?

    If I could ever even imagine a croc on my list...this would be it!
  5. i ordered gold (in my book the gold hardware just adds even more of a feminine touch to the colour) but yeah both hardware colour do look fab with it cause due to different lightning the bag looks either more beige or more chalky or more light rosé. it is really just personal prefferance in this case
  6. Beautiful! :love::love: I think I'd go for the gold for this one too...I can dream, right?!
  7. I found these pictures on Asian auction (ebay type thing) place...
  8. Croc beige rose is indeed gorgeous. I was at Vogue 3 years ago for some meeting with Andre when Christy came in carrying her birkin in this color. My jaws almost dropped. Andre joked that I should be eating the birkin. The pics aren't doing justice at all. You have to see it IRL.
  9. Insanely gorgeous! Aspen - do whatever you can to get this bag!!
  10. absolutely stunning!
  11. wow stunning!
  12. I love this color! I saw it on the leather/color catalog and it is absolutely stunning! If ever I'll get a croc Birkin it will be this one! Someday!
  13. An absolute TDF bag!! Words can't describe the beauty of this bag!
    OMG if I have the money..:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  14. Aspenmartial, what a georgeous color!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: is right!
    thanks for posting for the pictures, something new to drool over:P :tender: :girlsigh:
  15. *drool* what a beautiful bag.:girlsigh: thanks for the pictures, aspen. lilach, you already know how much i adore your wishlist.:shame:

    OMG - ok that's it. i know i already have this on my wishlist, but i swear... i MUST have this bag in my lifetime (preferabbly before i retire, of course)! definitely takes precedence over the tahitian pearls that i've been oggling after.:love: