Croc Bayswater at Mulberry Amsterdam

  1. Yesterday I went over to Mulberry for the very first time to see if I really wanted an oak darwin Bayswater. The sales guy was very friendly and helpful and we chatted a bit about bags (he commented me on my Fendi spy). When I told him I was looking for a bit of a low key bag, something that suits my age (21), he said he thought I was too posh to tote the regular bayswater. He pulled out some snakeskin ones and an ostrich and then told me he also had something very special: a crocodile Bayswater! He said there is only one croc bayswater in the world and that he had it in the safe. It costs 11,000 euros, so obviously way over my budget. Don't know the colour cause I didn't see it-didn't want him to open the safe just so I could say I wouldn't buy it (and to prevent me from falling in love with it and robbing the bank). If there's anyone out there with enough dosh, do run over to Mulberry Amsterdam right now before it's gone!
  2. Sounds like a bloody good SA to me! Would have been fab if you could have had a look and taken some pics!!
  3. I was in there on saturday , surprised at the stock they had out , lots of mabels and lots of old style scotchgrain bags also started to display new spring summer range.

    All I could afford was scorpio keyring for my mabel ;)
  4. I forgot to say the new coral ostrich bag is now available, I tried it out in Amsterdam store and I must say this is quite a bold statement from Mulberry and not there usual style at all, I don`t like it to bold for me.
    The fact that I couldn``t possibly afford it has nothing to do with it!!
  5. I am sorry but for 11,000 Euros I would rather go and buy a Birkin or a Kelly...
  6. I thought this too,do you think Mulberry are trying to upgrade ??

    Although Mulberry are nice they are not top range,far from it,this is how people like me can afford to buy their bags!!

    If they are going upmarket,thats me out of the picture:sad:
  7. I haven't seen the actual croc bag, but I don't think I would have liked it. I love croc, but somehow the bayswater doesn't seem the right bag for it - it is to slouchy. I like croc with more rigid bags like McQueen's novak or a kelly or something like that. I did really fall in love with the bayswater though! And yes, that SA was wonderful!
  8. tara: yes I think Mulberry is trying to upmarket. They don't like it when department stores put their bags on sale, they have been opening Mulberry stores (ala LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc...), etc... They try this 4-5 figured (priced) Mulberry bags to get exclusivity but I get confused when they do this exclusive sales and yet the bags are available at Outlet stores!

    As far as I'm concerned, as long as they are sold on Outlets they will not have the cache of Hermes, plus, Hermes is handmade and are not made in China. I have heard, though I have not seen, some Mulberry bags are now made in China.

    Oh well, to each his own, whatever makes one happy they ought to buy what they want be it Made in France, Made in China, or Made in England.
  9. There was an articlout this in the Mail on Sunday, You magazine two weeks ago. He was telling you a wee fib saying it was the only one I'm afraid. They cost around £5k and are bespoke bags. The price includes a personal consultation, choice of lining and your initials placed on the bag. I will try to find the link for the picture.