croc bangles?

  1. I'm falling in love with the croc bangles featured in Le Monde d'H 2008 (thanks to MaiTai for posting all the pictures!).

    Does anyone have any croc bangles? I saw them at the Toronto boutique - they appear to sell them in pairs, with no mix or match option.

    I would love to see photos, if anyone has taken some of these home!

  2. ^^ p.s. was exploring the enamels option as a way to add colour and interest, but I think I am prone to dropping and banging... I am thinking that these could be a good alternative (although relatively monochromatic).
  3. Oh, that picture is stunning!! The three together are TDF!!! Does anyone know how much they cost?
  4. Those are GORGEOUS!! Sorry I do not know anything about them.
  5. Oh piaffe, why oh why did you have to post that pic and remind me that my grail is the violet lizard KP?!!

    I too would like some more info on those gorgeous bangles...
  6. Those look fab together! Would love some info on these too, for me I find the enamel ones a little too traditional

  7. No kidding. These are GORGEOUS! I am completely in love with those colors now. Thanks a heap for starting yet-another-lust-item-craving I shouldn't be spending on ;)

    That purple......:love::love::love:
  8. Kallie Girl - in Toronto, they were about $1400 for the pair (+ 13% tax). They are sold in a matching set, one bangle being wider than the other - so picture the bottom 2 bangles (purple and blue), in the same colour, as a "set". I was told you can't mix or match the sets. The sets match also in terms of grain (is that the word?) - so, some colours and sets have a LARGE scale, like the bottom 2, and some sets have a SMALL scale, like the very top blue one.

    I am VERY curious to know what the prices are in the States!!!

    I really like these as an enamel alternative. Someone who is clumsy and careless, like me, would quickly ruin an enamel. These are comparatively hardy.
  9. I have seen them here and there. Last OCT when I went to San Fran they had some...I think they are great.

    they are lovely but I think one would need a few to make a statement and they are pricey!
  10. ps - I should add that I think they came in 2 sizes (PM, GM).

    guccigal - this is what I dread... I love the look, am falling hard - but do I need *two* (OR MORE!!!!!) sets to then mix and match the colours??

  11. I'm also lusting for these, more precisely the wide one in Saphir (Piaffe, I think they're sold separately). I think they're a great alternative to the enamels (and CdCs) since they could be worn w a watch w/o the fear of scratching + since they don't have hardware they go with both gold and silvercoloured jewelry. The prices appeared in MaiTai's thread, they were around 500 euros for the wide one and less than 400 for the thin one.

    Since I don't live close to a H boutique, I asked a kind fellow PFer to look out for them in London. There, they only seemed to have the wide one in what seemed a MM size, which I suspected was too big for me, so I didn't buy it. Does anyone know what sizes there are and what they correspond to in centimetres?

    I think somebody from the forum got one in the States, I think it's posted in the ref. library. Has anyone sighted these in Europe? I guess they could be easily ordered and mailed once the sizing issue is clear.
  12. Oh WOW!

    Well - the Toronto boutique appears to be selling the sets as sets - but that must mean other boutiques are selling them separate?

  13. My local store is only selling them as a set of 2. I forget but I think it was something like 1250 USD (but I really don't remember).
  14. Thanks Piaffe for posting these. I forgot about them from Le Monde de Hermes. I have to resist, though the colours are to die for...:drool:

  15. yup, in london they definitely sell them separately, but the size they had was really big and if i'd made any sudden movements with my hand it might have flown off across the room :lol: i do have small hands though (well, i usually wear a 6.5 glove). i think the wider bracelet was £370.