Croc Bags ~ what, when, where etc???

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  1. Ok, I am toying with the thought of crocodile bags but I do not know much about them.

    Can everyone tell me about them. Does this skin need to be babied? Can it be worn in all seasons? Does it work for dress and play?

    What are the different types of croc? What colors look best?
  2. Sus, I, too, am learning about crocodile skins. I have heard that they should not get wet....which leads me to just buy the occasional accessory, rather than a larger piece, such as you are considering.

    I'm sure you'll get lots of advice.....crocodile is absolutely a beautiful skin and worthy of consideration.
  3. Thanks Isus. I'm wondering then whether summer humidity requires that the bag be stored for cooler weather?
  4. Sus, I think you will be fine if you continue to keep your home air conditioned. I would only be worried down south if you did not use a.c. or if you lived on the ocean and kept your sliders opened etc. Even keeping windows open here and there it would be fine for short periods.

    I own vintage gator and croc bags and have never had a problem in the humid climate I live in.

    As for how/what to wear them with...that is all a matter of personal preference and taste. I would hate to inflict my ideas on you. You seem to have great taste!

    Can I come shopping with you?:tender:
  5. How exciting Sus! Not sure about the care, but I do love so many colors in croc. it just seems that certain colors really pop in an exotic skin. My favorites are Rouge H, Rouge VIF, Blue Jean, Bleu Roi, Havanne (think Shopmom's Kelly) and of course, black! But really, what color isn't magnificent in croc!

    CDL has some great bags for inspiration!!!
  6. i have seen black and cocoan in hermes croc bags...GORGEOUS! i also love star's braise red croc kelly!

    there is a miel (honey) colored croc kelly on eBay i'd snatch up in a heartbeat if i had the funds! sigh.
  7. Forest Green is absolutely gorgeous in croc, not to mention orange and vert anis.
  8. I am still thinking whether to order rouge vif or bleu roi in glazed porosus. Sizes also pose a problem - 30 or 35?
  9. Thanks Kellybag, Jag, Pigleto, and Birkin101. I was concerned about limiting a bag to just cool weather which I live in for about 2 months. Moreover, I want a bag that can be multifunctional as I am mostly casual as a SAHM with a few DH related events.
  10. i like croc more in the kelly style than the birkin, just cos it ups the elegant ante... however i wouldn't kick a croc birkin out of my closet! LOL.
  11. While I have a couple of birkins, I may consider it for a kelly Pigleto. I think of Grace Kelly's elegance and I think croc.
  12. definitely a kelly, Sus! i saw a croc 28 black sellier kelly with GHW and it was GORGEOUS! it was hard to let it go. they had to pry it out of my hands! he he he.
  13. My dream bag is the braise croc sellier (my avatar) with GHW. My friend's dream bag is hot pink (fuschia?) croc birkin with diamonds!
  14. Great thread Sus! Am going through a similar thought process. Favorites colors in croc: Miel, Braise, Rouge VIF, Graphite, Cocoan. A croc Kelly in a neutral color however would be fantastic and elegant. Would love one in a 28cm Graphite or Miel w/PH combo. Would entertain a 32cm but would have to try it on for size. Generally, I find that Croc appears better on me in a smaller-sized bag.
  15. What about the croc skins - which is better?? How do you all who have croc take care of it?? Is it like Ostrich and hardy in rain or something that needs more care?

    Thanks for your thoughts Kim_Mac and Orchids.