Croc Availability in U.S.

  1. Hello everyone! Long time no post, I'm alive and kicking ... just really busy. I miss you ladies though ^^

    Just popping in for a quick question. I was told by my SA that there has been NO AVAILABILITY of croc (Porosus AND Niloticus) in the U.S. and that alligator is the best bet. Is that true?

    As for recent acquisitions ... No crocs (came close to one but it wasn't the right type of croc or size), but did get an ostrich (not a B or K).:yes:

    I'm at the point where I just need ONE more bag and I'm all done ... I just need to find out where I can order a porosus Kelly ^^
  2. No info on croc, but good to see you Kou!!!!!!!

    OK - now spill about the ostrich!!!!
  3. Hi Kou!

    I heard something similar from the manager of my local boutique. Basically, there is just a scarcity of good quality croc skins so not all of the stores are going to get their croc SO and PO fulfilled. I believe that supposedly each boutique will only be given ONE croc bag a year except for the top 3 stores. :sad: I believe he is only talking about the US stores so I am not sure if it applies to the other stores outside the US.
  4. Not true Kou. I know croc was available at podium from what I was told. I can't remember if it was porosus because I am not in the market for one. Now, when these orders will be filled is another story. I mean, that is the where the truth comes in...orders being processed and filled.
  5. I was just at my local store yesterday having this discussion because I want a matte croc and I dont want to pay the 20k over retail certain resellers want. He said they usually only get 1 croc each time they order (July / Jan) and this time he was able to get 2 so he can put me down for an order in Jan. However, he said the availablity of skins is hard especially matte since they can't hide imperfections, so I was told I would wait 2 years after the order
  6. I forgot to say Hello Kou and welcome back!
  7. Hi hi!! *waves*

    Hint on the ostrich: It's 31cm ^^

    I don't have any pictures to post yet, I won't be able to pick it up until later this year since it's in another country. I promise to post pictures when I do.
  8. Which 3 stores are the top 3 stores in the U.S.? NY and Rodeo and who else?

    That's a real bummer about the croc then. What I don't understand is, if they're having such a shortage on croc, then why are they using their quota to order those diamond porosus bags?

    I was told that if I want to get alligator, it may be easier. But seriously, I don't think I've ever seen an alligator Birkin. I have no idea how that'd look :confused1:
  9. it's a B just not the other B? :p:nuts:
  10. Hi KB!!!! Man I miss this forum!! So many new members and new acquisitions:drool:

    I think I'm near the tail end of the bag acquisition phase, which is why I'm finally in the market for porosus ... But all the porosus I'm seeing right now are the diamond ones, and I don't think I'll ever be in the market for diamonds (I prefer rubies and sapphires).
  11. Congrats on the order! Which type of croc are you ordering? I'm starting to think maybe it's time for me to switch stores again. I want to get my porosus~~~~:nuts:

    On a side note, I was offered something in fuchsia niloticus a while back but I turned it down since it wasn't the right size or right bag (would've gotten it IF it was niloticus HAC or niloticus Birkin tho). I didn't regret my decision at all.
  12. welcome back kou! we missed ya!

    re : croc bags - our local store had a matted croc birkin a few weeks ago. i'm guessing it was last year's production. and i recently got a kelly nilo croc this past may and surely that was also last year's production. i tried to order in the feb. podium a kelly croc and it didnt go through. so, you may be right on the shortage of croc skins. me too, haven't seen an alligator bag yet.
  13. ;):p:graucho:
  14. Hi Pazt!! How are you?? Congrats on your baby!!:yahoo: I've been so busy that I'm missing out on all the joyous occasions.

    You got a Kelly nilo? OMG!:nuts:
  15. Kou, according to Grands Fonds, porosus croc is coming back in a huge way, for SS2008.