Croc Audrey or Brynne at Outlet soon?

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  1. Pleasant Prairie had a metallic Brynne this morning.
  2. Saw Teal and Raisin Brynne in San Marcos....Bring on that 20% off coupon!!! :choochoo:
  3. Saw purple croc audrey today too!! 30%
  4. My outlet had Croc Audrey, Sequen Audrey at 30% plus an additional 25% for BCA.
  5. There were Audreys at my outlet today. In fact I bought the purple croc one!!!! There wre no Brynnes though. The Audreys were 30% off and my outlet is a Tanger outlet so I got an extra 25% off with the Breast Cancer Awareness coupon.
  6. bumpitty bump!

    Any Brynne sightings lately at the outlets? Seems like there weren't many of them in the recent FP deletes windfall, at least when compared to the numbers of Maggies, Audreys, Carryalls etc. I'd like to meet the graphite Brynne in person.
  7. my outlet (gilroy, ca) had a few. when i went on sunday there was still one graphite brynne. i got a raisin brynne 2 weekends ago. my outlet had it in teal as well. but i think it's long gone.
  8. I know that the Brynne is still around in the outlets. I was able to get a raisin and teal one last week in Carlsbad, CA. You might try calling Carlsbad and the Barstow outlets to see if they might still have some in. I know they do charge sends. The Barstow outlet had the graphite in on Thursday,also if you live near an outlet they can do a search to see which outlet in your area might have a graphite one.
  9. Two weeks ago, I saw a gunmetal (metallic) Brynne at the St. Augustine outlet and a raisin Brynne at one of the Orlando outlets. I have yet to see any of the others...but I am always looking. :search:
  10. any Raisin Brynnes???
  11. I called my outlet today and there were none:sad: