Croc Audrey or Brynne at Outlet soon?

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  1. anyone have any info if and when these may be at the outlet?
  2. I hope not! The Audrey Croc just came out a couple of months ago for gawd sake...I will be pissed considering I just bought this with AUGUST PCE
  3. I just bought purple croc audrey with today's PCE. I was so on the fence about her, but now how I love her!!!! I would have been so sad to have missed out and I never have the kind of luck to score her at the outlet (if she makes it there).
  4. I just bought mine 2 weeks ago and LOVE her!!! I was on the fence too at first but now couldn't imagine not having her. I can't imagine that she would be outlet bound anytime soon. I'm thinking the next to go are going to be Brooke and possibly the Julia totes.
  5. next to go this week or next is mainly alexandra and poppy...
  6. ladies- these brynnes and audreys were at my outlet today- LOTS of them .. but only 30% off and no additional coupon- so it's not a total loss right?
  7. omg any teal ones? im dying for a teal one. god i need a second job now :rolleyes:
  8. i only saw grey and purple. at least 5 of each. there were teal croc alexandras though.
    i got myself a metallic python drawstring kristin hobo and a black croc maggie.
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    which one had the graphite brynne? my mom jus went to milpitas today to do a charge send for one from out of state cause when she called a few days ago it was the only one they could find in the (outlet) system.
  10. graphite brynne and carryall were at gilroy.
  11. The SA told me last night when I called my outlet that they received tons of Madison Deletes and Croc Audrey and Brynne were already on the shelves. She also said they got in Animal Print Bags. It might be the Audrey or Sabrina. I am going today to check them out.
    Don't forget ladies if your Coach is located at a Tanger Outlet, you will get an extra 25% off with the BCA Card/Coupon for only 1.00. This is a great deal and it goes to a good cause.
  12. they both are hitting the outlets - I had a audrey croc purple in my hand yesterday
  13. yes croc audreys are at the outlet!!! I saw them as well..
    Haven't seen the Brynne yet though.
  14. I bought a metallic Brynne in one of the Michigan outlets on Wednesday. Only 30% off, but she is a beauty.
  15. I'm jealous. I need an outlet near me. I need to plan my next vacation around an outlet ;p