Croc Audrey might not be the right one

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  1. I just got out my Gray Croc Audrey to match up with some outfits for the weekend and she may not be the bag for me. Im thinking 1.Shes a little noisy 2.shes a little small and 3. shes a little too brown toned for me. I had her in purple and exchanged for the gray because it would match more things but now im not sure at all and I do not want to pizzle off any of the SA's at my store by exchanging again. Thoughts? I was planning on getting Teal Brynne and maybe the Sequin spotlight for PCE.
  2. If you don't like her...return reason to keep her just because of what SAs might think...they are there to make you happy
  3. #3 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    do you have pics? Id love to see, as I am currently debating between gray and purple for PCE.
    if you dont love her, definitely exchange her!
  4. ita!!!!
  5. Sorry ...i cant figure out how to do the pictures. I thought the purple one was stunning. I am just not a purple girl (wish I was), I like black, gray and blue bags. I bought the croc zip around wallet in black so maybe I will get the carry all or Sophia to match. So you dont think I should worry about exchanging again? I do buy ALOT from this store.
  6. Don't worry....
  7. why not try a different store? As long as the bag has its tags and is new then dont worry! I know what you mean, I love neutral bags, I wish they made the audrey in black or navy it would have been stunning!
    FYI: The brynne is really nice, but HEAVY
  8. Maybe wait until PCE, & return the gray bag and buy the two others. The SAs can't complain about that...
  9. /\ /\ I agree.
    And that spotlight is calling your name.... ;) LOL!