Croc and what to wear?!?!?!

  1. So, today I was thinking about my Croc. ( :nuts: ) and then raced like a bat-outa-hell to my closet to see what I could wear with it!

    The pickings are slim, girls.....very, very slim. :shrugs:

    I'm almost thinking I need a little wardrobe adjustment......

    Shopmom's life in Berkeley, CA:
    Casual (think of fashion as being in the negative) hometown,
    Casual work environment,
    Casual nights "on the town" (when there ARE any....)

    Help......If this was your lifestyle and you had a Croc that you wanted to wear but all you had was jeans and casual clothes what would you do????

    I'm thinking I'd better get out there and buy some swanky heels......
  2. Just that...jeans, heels, sexy top or manstyle button down. Casual sophistication...look just put together enough and then toss in the can go from the market to the met in no time!!
  3. How about cute jeans and heels?
  4. I would wear a croc (if had one) with jeans, heels, or nice Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. Heck, if I had a croc, I would fit my wardrobe around it and wear the bag with anything and everything lol!

    Okay, I know, not much help from me.
  5. Croc and a dash of N° 5? :lol:
  6. Black pencil skirt, white button down, slingbacks...
  7. D- I would put on a pair of jeans, fabulous strappy sandals, a white shirt like Rozzeinc suggested and that beautiful croc bag! And I love pencil skirts! For fall, go buy a pair of fabulous boots to pair with your jeans!

    Now that I am thinking about it- what wouldn't look fabulous with this bag. (ok- maybe sweatpants would be bad, but seriously you can't go wrong with casual chic!)
  8. hmmm. funny you should ask cuz i just saw a divine poudre croc on TFS and started fantasizing.

    if i were you, i'd pair it w/ either (option A) a crisp tailored white button down blouse & accessorize w/ small diamond studs (if available) or (option B) any plain cream cashmere top & accessorize w/ south sea pearls (if available).:love:

    oh yes, and the bottom would be DARK denim jeans - no fade, please. and last but not least, great heels.

    forgot to mention... pencil skirt is another fool-proof wadrobe staple.:yes:
  9. sexy heels
    pencil skirt
    button down blouse
    BIG smile .... BIG BIG BIG smile!

  10. Heeheehee....I DO wear Chanel No.5!!!! :graucho:

    Thanks girls for all your wonderful suggestions! I think I went into a "OMG WHAT DID I DO" panic attack for a minute there. I think I'll be ok with just a few adjustments....A couple of new pair of shoes and a few more white shirts should do it I think. Maybe I'll save shoe buying until I get to Las Vegas and find that one elusive pair of Manolo's that will actually FIT me! AND a pair of fabby winter boots...maybe a pair of Chanel slingbacks too and while I'm at it, a pair of Choos. :nuts: :upsidedown: :upsidedown:

  11. OMG the the the the
    :wtf: no faded jeans? Ok....ADD dark denims to the list! :flowers:

    AND a pencil skirt! (oh wait....does this mean I have to wear pantyhose?????.....:wtf:)
  12. if you're wearing high-heeled:
    - slingbacks
    - dressy wedges
    - peep toe pumps
    - slip on mules
    - jeweled sandals

    then the answer is no.

    everything else, yes.
  13. and yes, donate the fades. they're out unless they're quality vintage.

    but even those pants aren't meant to be paired w/ your divine croc.

    only exception: a vintage fade pencil skirt w/ side slit. that would definitely work.:yes:
  14. I still see the croc as a casual bag. I think jeans, crisp white, collared shirt, and a fitted blazer with nicely shined flats, boots, or low heels would look awesome.
  15. Honey, I'd run down the streets naked carrying only the croc, if I owned her.......:yes:

    I'm a jeans girl most of the time, can't go wrong with the dark jeans, fitted white T combo that vic beck is wearing with her ostrich kelly..........clean, classic, chic.........:love:

    oh, and a dash of that no. 5, too!!!!!