Croc and Diamonds

  1. I was browsing through a Hong Kong magazine and there are lots of croc handbags (incl Hermes) and a big diamond Hermes Bracelet. Seems that exotic leather is a trend in all winters, but croc Hermes bag is very expensive (except for smaller items, still expensive, but at least affordable).

    I want to post the pics in 'Hermes in print' topic, but can't locate that posting.

    Just want to share with you these pics.

    Prices as below:
    Men's croc boots HKD119,100 (= USD15,308.5)
    - THE MOST expensive boots I've ever known
    Kelly Danse croc HKD75,800 (= USD9844)
    - a bit less expensive than Kelly pouchette
    Hermes diamond bracelet HKD1,137,200 (=USD147,700)
    - it doesn't look Hermes to me, I will choose Tiffany if I have this sum of money to spend on a bracelet.
    IMG_3959.JPG IMG_3961.JPG IMG_3962.JPG
  2. Another Hong Konger! Are there any HK TPF meetings?

    I just saw a H ring I liked, but it cost too much; I'd rather save that money for a bigger diamond in the future.

    The H prices in HK are more expensive than Paris, so I'd rather get H items there.

    The croc boots are very sexy :drool:
  3. That is a GORGEOUS bracelet. WOW!:nuts:
  4. Agreed! Although this particular piece is a little large for me, I would like it in a smaller version:yes: I does look Hermes to me in that I've seen Hermes make other pieces in this fashion so it looks "familiar" to me.

    As much as I love my Hermes leather pieces, at this point in my life I'd much rather have Hermes fine jewelry and enjoy the pieces I do have, very much.
  5. Wow, that bracelet is amazing--it reminds me of the scaffolding or support struts or whatever you call them on the Eiffel tower!
    But for that money, there's a different jewelry item I want, which is not Hermes.