Croc Alma anyone?!

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  1. :graucho: ME WANT but NOT for $16000.00 Canadian!!!:nuts: :cursing:


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  2. beautifull
    is 16K the pirce ?? WOW
  3. But it's worth every penny/cent!

  4. if the bag comes with you, I'd say YES:yes:
  5. Antonio Loredo, yes! 16K Canadian is the price tag for this beauty accroding to the price list that comes in the holiday catalog.:nuts:

    Wentworth-Roth, ABSOLUTELY!!!:yes:

    MiamiHunk :graucho: You are too funny!!!;)
  6. prettttttyyy hopefully you will get to buy it somehow
  7. Wow! Is that what it's going for now? Should have bought it when it was only $8k...;)
  8. oh that's just such a fabulous bag! :drool: :drool:
  9. :wtf: did they went so much up in prices??
    I would love a speedy in croc :supacool:
  10. yah, i saw it in the lv christmas catalog the lv stores sent us.... i was showing my mom it (presents for me :graucho: ), she saw this bag and i said you like this bag? she said i love it! (she isnt a animal skin person) i saw its maid of croc and the price tag in the us was more than my college fund right now!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. WOW...Gorgeous..:nuts: :love: :tender:
  12. That's it? :graucho:

    Ha ha ha. That bag is hot!
  13. That is just stunning, If money wasn't an issue I'd buy it! :drool:
    That bag is just 2df!
  14. It's gone up significantly... It was a choice between the Alma and the Coach....:yes: I said Coach made in Italy.... same price around 7k - 8k...:sad:
  15. Now if it was a croc speedy, then that might be all worth it!!
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