Croc/Alligator bracelets

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  1. Hi there,

    Does anyone know if H make the plain croc/alligator bracelets in green? Ideally I am looking for chartreuse or Vert anis as I already have one in orange. I have seen them in black and red but not green.

    I have asked at H, but the SA's didn't know whether they came in green. I have checked the cadena/jewellary thread but couldn't spot one. So I thought the best place to find out was here with our lovely members. TIA
  2. Are you talking about the bracelets that you just slip your hand through? I saw once last year in vert anis croc with diamonds - very pretty, but also very pricey! :smile:
  3. Hi Ranag,thanks for responding. I have attached a photo of my orange alligator bracelet. I am looking for one in either croc or alligator in green

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  4. ^^^
    That is the same as the bracelet I saw in vert anis croc minus the diamonds.
  5. Thank you so much Ranag, so they do exist, now I just need to find one, thanks again
  6. I love those Ms Birkin - IIRC it is called the Neo and I've seen it in Fauve and I someone here (DouDou perhaps?) has one in Violet - TDF.

    Rana - it has no hardware to speak of so where do they put the diamonds?
  7. Thanks for the info Handybags, I will keep looking, now I know the name it will make things easier
  8. From memory there are two widths and two sizes. Would love to see a pic when you find a green one. :tup:

    I just adore VA croc.
  9. I promise to do a reveal when I find one
  10. There is a green one now at the Liat store in Singapore.
  11. Thanks asa, I am hoping to fnd one abit closer to home preferably UK or Europe, but I appreciate you posting
  12. If I remember correctly, the diamonds were placed in a circle(?) on the top of the bracelet. All I know is that the bracelet was too small for me to slip my hand through, and it cost more than some of the bags
  13. ooo! yep i have it in violet! does it come in black croc?! i would love one in black xD
  14. Bet you tried hard though :P

    Thanks Rana - sounds divine. I have not seen these.

    Dolldoll - yes it was you I was thinking of. Apologies.